state_fundraiser_challenge_body_400State Fundraising Challenge

ENA state councils and local chapters wage a friendly competition each year in support of the future of emergency nursing. In fact, the ENA State Fundraising Challenge is the ENA Foundation’s largest source of funding! The Challenge has a new theme each year, and state councils and chapters plan local fundraising drives and events centered around the theme. States that raise $5,000 or more have the privilege of naming their own academic scholarship the following year.

Congratulations to the 2017 State Challenge State winners!

 States that had the largest percentage increase per capita:

#1 - New Jersey

#2 - South Carolina

States that had the largest individual donations per state:

#1 - New Jersey

#2 – Maryland

The 2017 State Fundraising Challenge ended May 31, 2017, but we’re still counting the generous contributions. Thank you to the many ENA members who generously contributed to the future of the profession.

Missed the State Fundraising Challenge?


Here's how each state stacks up as of June 23.

Alabama:  --

Alaska: $250

Arizona: $2,500

Arkansas: $630

California: $7,275

Colorado: $5,050

Connecticut: $1,623

Delaware: $300

Florida: $730

Georgia: $6,100

Hawaii:  --

Idaho:  --

Illinois: $6,250

Indiana: $2,000

Iowa: $1,000

Kansas: $1,200

Kentucky: $15,850

Louisiana:  --

Maine: $1,000

Maryland: $3,776

Massachusetts: $50

Michigan:  --

Minnesota: $6,632

Mississippi:  --

Missouri:  --

Montana: $2,000

Nebraska: $400

Nevada:  --

New Hampshire:  --

New Jersey: $8,555

New Mexico: $50

New York: $12,332

North Carolina: $3,000

North Dakota:  --

Ohio: $1,000

Oklahoma:  --

Oregon:  --

Pennsylvania: $2,000

Rhode Island: $150

South Carolina: $5,029.72

South Dakota: $3,372.97

Tennessee: $3,188.13

Texas: $12,153.51

Utah: $550

Vermont: $250

Virginia: $7,175.88

Washington: $361.32

West Virginia: $1,000

Wisconsin: --

Wyoming: $275

Thank you for your generous support!

The ENA Foundation Board of Trustees and staff are here to help. For more information about the State Fundraising Challenge and how you can participate, please contact the ENA Foundation at 847.460.4100 or

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